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Meet deWiz

Your on-the-wrist AI swing analyzer

Put it on your wrist. Make a swing. Get instant feedback on 14 swing metrics and get an interactive 3d model of your swing. deWiz will let you know your swing flaws and help you improve.

Fix your slice

deWiz™는 50,000시간 이상의 연구, 테스트 및 개발의 결과입니다. 우리의 기술은 운동 기술을 수행하는 사람의 능력을 영구적으로 변화시키는 방법에 대한 신경 과학인 운동 학습 연구를 기반으로 합니다.

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Hit longer drives

Every golfer, from beginners to Major Champions, is chasing distance. To add distance, we need to increase the clubhead speed. Looking at millions of swings with deWiz, there are two key components that have a direct impact on clubhead speed; the length of the backswing and the time it takes to complete the swing. 

deWiz offers training modes to improve this effectively and in a controlled way. It allows you to track your progress over time and compare how you are doing to deWiz ambassador Bryson DeChambeau, with a 320 yards driver average.

Learn how

Improve your short game

This is the most loved feature of our tour professionals and deWiz ambassadors. Being able to lay up the approach shots close to the flag will remove several shots from your score. The approach shots need to have the correct length which is decided by the length of your backswing. 

deWiz offers a dedicated Distwedge mode where you can measure up the carry distance for different swing lengths; full swing, ¾ swing and ½ swing. Creating the table and practicing on mastering your different swing lengths will improve your accuracy and confidence on approach shots.

More on wedges

Become more consistent

Becoming more consistent and making less mistakes is a proven recipe to better score and more enjoyment of the game. That is why we recently launched new functionality focusing only on improving consistency.

Just put the deWiz on your wrist and input the shot result. The AI coach engine will provide you with insights immediately after your session, letting you know what is different in your swing when there is a miss. With the On-course mode, approved under the rules of golf, you will finally be able to find out what is actually happening with your swing when the nerves come into play on the difficult holes

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우리의 프로 골프 홍보대사 팀은 게임의 최고 전문가들이 모든 기능을 테스트하고 개선할 수 있도록 개발을 안내하는 데 도움을 주었습니다.









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